Maggie Wright

Magical Duets: Maggie’s Picks

Just wanted to share with you a few of my very favorite duets:

How do you keep the music playing?  by Tony Bennett & Aretha Franklin


The Lady is a Tramp  by Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga




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2 Responses to Magical Duets: Maggie’s Picks

  1. merlin says:

    Cindy has sent us another video to check out. It brings back the magic from many days!!!

  2. Dori says:

    Hi Maggie!
    I have been avoiding my e-mail (999+) so today I started deleting most of it until I found your letter. It not only was a great break from a boring task,, but it gave me a chance to see what you have been doing. I just love your web page and enjoyed Tony B. who has always been one of my favorite male singers.

    Good luck with all your plans and dreams. I have a feeling that things will go your way and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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