Maggie Wright

Bringing Back the Magic: A Transitional Memior


Margaret T. Wright (Maggie) is a marketing consultant, author/publisher, and African Grey parrot expert.

Maggie has two great loves in her life: her love of animals and her love of marketing.  Her love for animals started at a very young age with rabbits.  Her pet rabbits, Mr. and Mrs. Tewillager, used to hide and snuggle with her under sheet-tents in her bedroom. As she grew older, her life was touched by dog companions: Buffy and Tinkerbell, as well as many family dogs and cats.  Then as an adult, her connection with her African Grey parrots, Merlin Tewillager and Sweetpea, completely transformed her views on animals, nature, and life.   

Her love for marketing started with her interest in psychology and understanding what makes people tick.  After receiving her MBA, she worked in brand management for many “packaged-goods” corporations where she managed many well-known brands, such as Gulden’s ® Mustard, Muellers® Pasta, and Jiffy Pop® Popcorn.  She worked for the Sara Lee Corporation in the Popsicle Division where she was responsible for developing the new products program.  One of her achievements was the development and national introduction of Oreo® Cookies N’ Cream Ice Cream, which doubled her division sales.  As a marketing consultant, she specializes in BRAND positioning and building. 

Maggie Wright also is an expert on African Grey parrots.  She is the author of the popular Barron’s pet manual on Greys, African Grey Parrots: A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual. She also is the creator of the Grey Play Round Table African Grey newsletter and Nature’s Corner® Magazine. 

Her new book, Bringing Back the Magic, is a memoir of her life’s journey of how her relationship with animals helped her transform from being a phobic child after the death of her mom to becoming an advocate for the animals’ welfare. It’s about how our relationships with animals and nature can help us to “bring back the magic” into our lives.  

Margaret Wright received her Masters of Business Administration from the Babcock School at Wake Forest University.  She is listed in WORLD WHO’s WHO, WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA, WHO’S WHO IN FINANCE AND INDUSTRY, and WHO’s WHO OF AMERICAN WOMEN.